Who are the Women of Sitecore?

After all our hard work at Symposium this year I thought I would write out some of my thoughts since the official Women of Sitecore website isn't live yet (this should happen next week at http://www.womenofsitecore.com). Here is a quick run down on the things we spoke about, the things we're working on doing, and how you can get it touch.


Mentorship is something we want to be able to promote and encourage. If you want to connect with a mentor in technical or non-technical fields, get in touch! We have connections with women in a number of different roles and locations within the Sitecore community. Additionally, if you're looking at getting into programming or Sitecore development please reach out, we would love to help.

Speaking Opportunities

This year's Sitecore Symposium saw a dramatic increase in the number of women presenting in the technical and non-technical tracks. We also saw a number of women on the main stage which was another positive change from previous years. I would really love to see this grow further in 2019. If you have an idea your want to share, or if you want to present but aren't sure what you can present, please reach out.

MVP Nominations and Preparation

A number of people I spoke to over Symposium aspire to be a Sitecore MVP but aren't sure how to get there. One of my goals, and a goal of the community is to increase the number of female MVPs over the coming years. It may be too late to get started on an application in 2018, but if you're be preparing for an application this year and are looking for encouragement or nominations we can help! If it's more of a longer term goal and you want to get started community involvement is the key. After this year's applications and nominations are out of the way the focus will be on helping women development their MVP applications for 2020 in 2019.